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Women's Sexual Health


Men’s and Women’s Sexual Health

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Basic Facts & Information

Adults should all have the opportunity to enjoy a fulfilling and satisfying sex life. However as we age, for medical and health reasons often our interest in sex and sexual activity declines. The decline occurs in both men and women. If you recognise that your sexual response and feelings have changed, then possibly you should consult a healthcare professional. There are many things that can affect our sexual well-being including;

• Decreasing hormone levels more often associated with age.
• Medications that we take
• Medical conditions and illnesses
• Post Surgery stress
• Normal ageing

People often feel very uncomfortable about reporting sexual problems to a healthcare professional, not uncommon especially for older women. There are a number of sexual therapists available where you can obtain confidential and expert help. If you have noticed problems in the following areas then seek specialist help.

• Lack of interest
• Sexual performance
• Lack of pleasure
• Reduced arousal
• Pain during intercourse
• Loss of orgasm, inability to climax
• Reduced frequency of sex
• Reduced sensation
• Anxiety and worry

Depression and relationship problems can also cause difficulty and inhibit the ability to enjoy sex.

In men the most common sexual problem reported is erectile dysfunction or (impotence). The number of men that suffer from ED increases greatly with age.

A side from specialist help the following things may help regain a healthy active sex life;

• A healthy balanced diet with plenty of green leaf vegetables and fruit.
• Regular exercise, particularly light weights and cardio, walking and swimming.
• Reduced alcohol consumption.
• Maintenance of a healthy weight.
• Reduced intake of fast foods and animal fats.
• Natural supplements and supports may also assist in sexual dysfunction.

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